Face and Body Art

Face and Body Art

From sea to sparkling sea, glitter tattoos are sweeping the nation – and the world – as the coolest way to entertain your clientele.

Glitter tattoos are a safe, easy way to add pizzazz to any party or special event. Our face and body art supplies are the foundation of Glimmer Body Art and what has made our brand so sought after among communities of face painters, clowns, magicians and artists alike. It’s one stop shopping with Glimmer Body Art as you browse our collection of glitter tattoos supplies, including our world famous stencils, glitter, brushes and pre-packaged kits.

To master the hottest body art form, one does not need to be an artist or an expert. Our stencils take all of the “work” out of the artwork. Our face and body art supplies make it easy and fun for anyone hoping to add on glitter tattoos to an existing party business or introduce it to neighborhood kids and friends. Whether you are a clown booked solid for weeks on end or a babysitter wanting to add some glitz to your pricing, we make it simple for anyone to invest in a kit and learn the techniques of a glitter tattoo artist.

Our Business and Pro Kits increase the opportunities to earn from the glitter tattoos. We can certainly assist you in creating the perfect glitter business solution, no matter what your budget!

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